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Sprinkles Dream Bouquet Donuts Premium 9 Pack XL

Sprinkles Dream Bouquet Donuts Premium 9 Pack XL

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Featuring 9 RIDICULOUSLY OVERSIZED donuts (110gm, 11 x 4.5cm), this bouquet is delicious AND cute!

Featuring NINE GIGANTIC donuts wrapped in an adorable bouquet with a ribbon, this Premium nine pack XL Donut bouquet is perfect for that no-frill person who loves donuts without all the bells and whistles.

Gifts do not always have to be for someone else. Once in a while you should treat yourself. You deserved a pat on your shoulder for getting that promotion, starting to work on your new project or simply just surviving through the week. Our classic donut bouquets have a selection of delicious, soft, fluffy donuts, bite-size cheeky chocolates and yummy lollies. They are perfect TV snacks on a lazy day.

Does your bestie go through hard times? Brighten her day with a donut gift delivery. 

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